Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should my student work with a professional college admissions consultant?

A: Sifting through the vast array of colleges, understanding the scope of a university's academic offerings, writing essays and filling-out complicated applications can be overwhelming. Admission requirements are constantly changing with new policies, forms and deadlines. Even the best relationships between parents and their son or daughter can become strained when dealing with the complex details of researching and applying to colleges. Having the guidance of a neutral, trusted professional trained in college planning and updated on current admission practices helps students successfully navigate through the college search and application process as well as reduces stress.

Q: How many colleges should my child apply to?

A: The number of schools on a student's list varies depending on a combination of considerations including career goals, majors of interest, geographic preferences, financial constraints, and more. Every student's college list is customized to meet his or her needs. In general, we build a list of 9 – 12 colleges with the probability of being admitted balanced between likely, target, and reach schools.

Q: Does Kent College Search provide assistance with standardized test preparation?

A: Kent College Search does not offer entrance exam preparation because we believe this critical element of the student's profile should be supported by experts in the test preparation field. However, we do assist students and their families in finding test preparation resources, determining which tests are most important for your child, and mapping out a testing schedule.

Q: My child is an excellent writer in the advanced English classes in high school. How would Kent College Search add value to writing application essays?

A: Writing a personal statement is a new, challenging experience for students. They find it difficult to share personal stories about their achievements, overcoming adversity, lessons learned from a life-changing event, or how they will contribute to the culture of a particular institution. Students of all writing abilities frequently feel intimidated and don't know where to begin. Kent College Search uses a creative process with students to brainstorm essay topics. We coach every student on proper essay structure, the importance of using show versus tell language, as well as correct grammar and punctuation. Our guidance enables your student to write a unique, memorable essay using his or her own voice that will engage the attention of the admissions committee.

Q: Does Kent College Search work with students outside of the Bay Area?

A: Yes. We are able to provide comprehensive college advising services to students nationwide through the power of technology. Virtually every step of the search and application process from goal setting and researching colleges to brainstorming and editing essays can be smoothly supported using iChat, email, and cell phone conversations.