Kent College Search consulting is personal. We design a custom college search strategy and build an application roadmap that is unique to your child's individual needs and goals. As your student's educational partner, we will be there every step of the way with one-on-one support to provide the services outlined below.


  • Assistance with setting educational and personal goals
  • Advice on high school course selection
  • Suggestions for extracurricular activities and summer enrichment programs
  • Guidance on entrance test preparation and scheduling
  • Assistance with preparing the college activities resume
  • Strategies for staying organized throughout the college search


  • Guidance on key factors to look for in an institution
  • Graphic facilitation of a meeting designed to identify the student's college criteria
  • Training on how to effectively research college options
  • Tips on making the most of college fairs and campus tours
  • Suggestions on how to demonstrate interest to colleges
  • Support in developing a balanced list of potential colleges where you will apply


  • Development of an application timeline to meet deadlines
  • Recommendations on which admissions types to consider
  • Assistance with crafting engaging essays that tell your unique story
  • Suggestions on providing information that will prepare the Guidance Counselor and Teacher(s) to write strong letters of recommendation
  • Proofreading college applications before submission
  • Guidance on interviewing techniques and mock interviews
  • Tips on obtaining financial aid and scholarships


  • Assistance with reviewing financial aid package awards with student and family
  • Guidance on evaluating the pros and cons of “accepted colleges”
  • Support with making the final college choice
  • Advice on how to successfully launch your college career!
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